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Strategies for People in the Changing World of Employment

Our contribution to the market is developed on the principal of finding solutions for people in the career world. Therefore, our task is to generate resources and, develop and implement strategies, in order to offer more value to our system partners (businesses, employees, applicants, non-profit organisations).

Good consultation serves to prepare the decision-maker as best as possible. Therefore, we bring in our expertise as a nationally examined corporation and personnel advisor.

The core capabilities of Merlin Business Consulting lies in the combination of business and social consultation. This fosters the desired results for our system partners: consultation, coaching and training all under one roof.

We use the uncertainties in overall economic development as a source of inspiration. The systematic creation of customer value, strategic recognition as well as speed, flexibility and absolute reliability all belong to our success factors in regard to implementing projects.

For our system partners, we maintain a high level of standard in the power of analysis and judgment by providing further development opportunities to our consultants in the fields of:
  • People in the changing employment sphere
  • co-worker selection and guidance
  • Business administration
  • Strategy development and management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Personnel development