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Merlin’s History &
Management's Background

TContracted by Mentor GmbH, Linz as the trainer and project manager for the F.M. Rhomberg employment foundation, Dornbirn. The first employment foundation in Vorarlberg after F.M. Rhomberg’s bankruptcy with approximately 100 participants and thus the beginning of the establishment of a new business field in the Vorarlberg employment market.

1994 bis 1996
Responsible manager for the regions of Vorarlberg and Tyrol in the field of employment projects as contracted by Mentor GmbH, Linz

Establishment of Mentor West Corporation in Dornbirn as acting partners

Establishment of MERLIN Business Consulting Corp., Dornbirn

Establishment of MERLIN Personnel Placement Corp., Dornbirn as a 100% subsidiary

1998 bis 2004
Development and conversion of politically-related labour market projects and structure of our human resources service in Vorarlberg.

Strengthened positioning of MERLIN in the consultation of human resources management, personnel consultation, placement and employee hiring as well as within the field of near-service labour market projects.