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Labour Market Projects

Merlin personnel services – a combination of employment hiring, supported placement, and near-service labour market projects. The global labour market structure today is being subjected to radical changes. The earlier volume of the lower-middle class is eroding. The demand for more expensive, but lower or moderately qualified workers in Western Europe is shrinking. In the future, everyone – employment seekers, the employed, employers, and the decision makers in the political sector of the job market – will demand more flexibility.

In Vorarlberg, Merlin has successfully cooperated in numerous near-service labour market projects with the State of Vorarlberg, the Job Market Service (German: AMS) of Vorarlberg and the federal social welfare office for the disabled in Vorarlberg, and has made it possible for applicants to (again) find lasting employment in the job market. Make use of our experience for the realisation of your labour market projects: micheal.peter@merlin-ub.at.

Anton Strini, AMS: The labour market projects which the AMS Vorarlberg assigned Merlin have one thing in common: in close cooperation with the domestic economy they offer new chances for employment seekers and that promotes a guarantee for success. Whether in projects such as "PP50" or "New Placement", or with the business program "UGP" or through “Flexibility Consulting", Merlin develops innovative ideas and successfully implements them. Thus a better future is built for many. Mr. Anton Strini is the Managing Director of the Job Market Service (German: AMS) in Vorarlberg and has been cooperating with Merlin since 1998.